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A little bit about Cocoa Metro

Chocolate is in everything we do. We (Mike and Lizzy) are chocolate freaks. In fact, we love it so much we plan family vacations around proximity to cacao plantations. In 2009 we raided our 401K to create and sell our first batch of Cocoa Metro Belgian Chocolate Milk. A handful of years later Cocoa Metro Belgian Chocolate Milk is sold in fine food stores across the country thanks to fans, Divine help, and hard work.

In an effort to get more chocolate into our lives, we’re constantly creating more ways to drink and eat chocolate, wear chocolate and smear chocolate onto our bodies. We even created a chocolate ink to print our business cards.

We find great satisfaction in the process of creating chocolate products. That is why we love being a small company. We get to do the sourcing and experimenting ourselves. We get to play with chocolate. We love the scent of chocolate hanging in the air—especially potent after accidentally dropping a bag of cocoa powder, spilling chocolate milk or splattering a test batch of chocolate lip balm all over the kitchen. ( I mean, it was ALL over the kitchen. )

As a small business, we really appreciate that fans let us know when Cocoa Metro products are missing from the shelves of their local stores. Here’s to your help and support.