You can fire your therapist.

“This dark chocolate milk is cold comfort”—The Boston Globe

“That stuff is like crack for chocolate lovers”—Jo Horner

"Cocoa Metro has created what we can safely call the best chocolate milk ever created"—BevNET 



Cocoa Metro Belgian Chocolate Milk is a premium drinking chocolate with a richer, deeper cocoa taste. A healthy dose of the best Belgian chocolate, fresh dairy milk, real sugar, and natural vanilla give you a dark Belgian chocolate milk that answers your serious chocolate cravings. And you know how dangerous unanswered chocolate cravings can be.

Visit these fine stores to get your fix.



We (Mike and Lizzy) are chocolate freaks. In fact, we love it so much we plan family vacations around proximity to cacao plantations. We searched everywhere to find a chocolate milk that didn't leave us hanging—looking for that real chocolate taste. Most are too syrupy sweet, they just don't focus on the chocolate. So, we decided to craft some ourselves. We’re happy to introduce you to the result of our cravings (and hours in the test kitchen). Cocoa Metro Belgian dark chocolate milk is available in select stores. If you’re interested in carrying the chocolatey bottles of Cocoa Metro Belgian chocolate milk in your store or restaurant, please contact Mike.