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You deserve a deeper chocolate taste.

we BELIEVE THERE IS wonder in FINE chocolate.

we make indulgent, super chocolatey STUFF to help chocolate addicts like you satisfy your most serious chocolate cravings. your chocolate moments are critical. buy now >


There is simply no time to waste on overly-sweet kids’ stuff.

We offer deeper, richer chocolate flavors your chocolate soul craves.


“Best chocolate milk on the market today, seriously liquid crack for the foodie set.”

—Michele (from her email comments)


Chef-grade cocoa for your chef-grade creations

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Organic unsweetened cocoa powder

Your recipe calls for cocoa powder. You're the kind of person that doesn't take chances when it comes to chocolate dishes so you're going to add an exceptional, chef-grade organic Belgian cocoa. This unsweetened cocoa infuses a luxurious chocolate taste into your cupcakes, ganache, fudge, smoothies, post-workout drink... Shall we go on? We could. For quite some time, really. Our organic cocoa is not alkalized and therefore adds a potent chocolate punch to your recipes.

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Drink your chocolate.


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Organic Drinking Chocolate

Here’s to wrapping your hands around a warm mug and breathing in deep Belgian chocolate from the beautiful chocolate lake below. Loads of premium organic Belgian cocoa and organic Belgian chocolate chunks—mixed with hot milk or your favorite alternative. This mix is all natural and dairy-free. Make your well-earned chocolate drinking moments transcendent.

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Chocolate extract + Vanilla extract
A marriage made in… An aluminum bottle.

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Organic Chocolate & Vanilla Extract

What is it, you ask? Vanilla extract combined with chocolate extract. What does that mean? Vanilla beans and cocoa beans soaked in alcohol until the magical flavors are extracted out. Why? Because it tastes like chocolate mixed with vanilla. You can use it anywhere you would use vanilla extract to give your dish a vanilla and chocolate boost. Smoothies, cookies, pancakes, ice cream, brownies...

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if you’ve ever said anything like, “it’s too chocolatey,” then this is probably not the chocolate milk for you.


Belgian extra chocolatey chocolate milk

Really great chocolate is a beautiful thing. It holds so much more interest in terms of boldness and depth of flavor than the kid stuff out there. This Belgian chocolate milk is crafted with the world's best chocolate — and loads of it. It's your own chocolate-covered chocolate milk. Satisfy your craziest chocolate cravings.

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9 out of 10 levitating gurus agree—this organic single-origin chocolate milk will hug your chocolate soul.


organic single-origin chocolate milk

Please allow us introduce you to the world's first and only single-origin, organic, Fair Trade chocolate milk. With your first sip you'll taste notes of caramel and the deep chocolate flavor of premium Peruvian cocoa. These Peruvian cocoa beans themselves have a natural caramel flavor note that translates so wonderfully into a smooth chocolate festival in your mouth.

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Plant-based, chocolate-based, nirvana-based.


Belgian chocolate oatmilk

(Coming Soon)

Give your inner chocolate afficionado a not-too-sweet Belgian chocolate drink to savor. This dairy-free beverage lets you discover the joy that really great chocolate, blended into creamy smooth oatmilk, can bring to your senses. We always use generous amounts of the most authentic, premium Belgian chocolate because that’s the only way to do this right. Crafted for any chocolate-lover looking for dairy-free, chef-grade chocolate transcendence.

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