We’re blushing.


Cocoa Metro has created what we can safely call the best chocolate milk ever created... Without hesitation, this is a five star product. - BevNET

Just wanted to let you know that since I started drinking your Belgian Chocolate milk (about an hour ago), I'm cured of everything that ever bothered me. - Louis

Dear Chocolate Milk Gods,

I hope this message reaches you in good health. Thank you for providing my work days with extreme happiness, joy, and bliss. This  prestigious product deserves to be in a diamond studded glass case on its own aisle at the store. No other product is worthy enough to be near it. Any ounce of anger I once had in my body is released with each delectable sip.

If unicorns were able to be milked, this would be the end product. - J. Lara

Cocoa Metro Races into Hall of Fame in the Chronicle Taster’s Choice Awards

At the very top was Cocoa Metro Belgian chocolate milk, which soared into our Taster's Choice Hall of Fame with one of our highest scores of the year. - San Francisco Chronicle

(And by the way, the tasting panel conducted this as a fully blind taste test)

[The store] was sold out the other day so I tried a different brand and almost spit it out.
- Alfred

i’m pregnant and even though you’re allowed to drink a cup of coffee a day, it’s just not agreeable with the little monster in my belly. so i’ve been on a chocolate milk kick - i’ve had them make it for me at starbucks, i’ve bought quick, i’ve bought the locally made ones at whole foods - i’ve tried every chocolate milk that i’ve come into contact with in the past two months. and then yesterday, my husband and i stumbled upon cocoa metro. i tried it first thing this morning and i was blown away. it has to be the best chocolate milk i’ve ever had. please keep supplying [the store] with it, as i noticed there were only two bottles left when we purchased it! - Jenny


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