Our whole goal with Cocoa Metro is to help introduce others to the wonderful depth of flavor and beauty of really well-crafted chocolate. We choose to share this in the form of the chocolatiest chocolate milk in the world. Don’t waste another precious chocolate moment on a syrupy kid’s drink.

Chocolate is a beautiful, fascinating thing. We are in love with everything chocolate—the way it grows; how it’s harvested; and the whole magical process of converting these little cacao beans into the heavenly form of chocolate. You could say we, Mike and Lizzy, are somewhat of chocolate freaks. We love it so much we plan family vacations around proximity to cacao plantations. When done right, chocolate is one of life’s most beautiful experiences. And the more you know about something, the more you can really appreciate its intricacies. We want you to get a taste (literally) of how wonderful thoughtfully-prepared chocolate can be.

There is great satisfaction in the process of creating chocolate products. That is why we love being a small company. We get to do the sourcing and experimenting ourselves. We get to play with chocolate. We love the scent of chocolate hanging in the air—especially potent after accidentally dropping a bag of cocoa powder, spilling chocolate milk or splattering a test batch of chocolate lip balm all over the kitchen. (I mean, it was ALL over the kitchen. And trying to wipe it up after it cooled? Forget about it)

As a small business, we really appreciate that fans let us know when Cocoa Metro products are missing from the shelves of their favorite local stores. If you’d like to see Cocoa Metro products on shelves near you, the best way is to download and print our product request form and hand it to the person at your store who looks like she/he knows what they’re doing. Here’s to your help and support. Carpe cocoa!